Ergonomic Comfort

Why Choose Patrol Data?


Both local and state law enforcement Commands are facing unprecedented reductions in operating budgets. With mobile computing solutions, Patrol Data’s team will work within your Command’s fiscal needs, while supplying the best rugged tablet or semi-rugged laptop available.


As mobile computing systems comprising of rugged in-vehicle computers, rugged digital video recorders, rugged printers, rugged scanners and license plate recognition cameras continue to evolve, working with our customers and understanding their needs always dictates the best available product on the marker for their specific deployment.


Patrol Data will provide consulting services pertaining to your project. If expert analysis is needed on your existing and future systems, please call to schedule a consultation.


With the disappearance of the Police IT team we find more and more commands with a shortage of resources. Whether your IT department has been absorbed or your staff is reduced, Patrol Data has the resources to help.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.