It can be a stressful decision when choosing who does your vehicle upfits. Performing an upfit is a science and a significant investment. You need to be informed of the long term costs and equipment that is installed. Here is a list of some of the best tips for a successful upfit.

Safety should be the first priority

When your most valuable asset is spending hours in a patrol vehicle, safety needs to be the forefront.

Choose an upfitter with expertise in your industry

Patrol Vehicles may seem like your typical upfit job, but it is not. Ask to see similar examples with similar challenges to yours.

Evaluate technical innovation, training, and knowledge

Vehicle upfits are becoming more and more complex and demanding. An expert upfitter is crucial to an efficient and safe vehicle.

Strong brackets & mounting

Your upfit needs to last a long time. You do not have the time or the capital to only have a solution that lasts a year. They need to withstand the tough working conditions in a patrol vehicle for years to come.

Proper electrical interface with the vehicle

Wiring cannot just be spliced into any wire with an electrical current running through it. It needs to be done the correct way otherwise you run into serious problems.

Find an upfitter that does not damage the existing vehicle

Your cruisers are valuable to you and your patrol. Damaging the existing parts can be costly if discovered and unsafe if left untreated.

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